shag carpet

We are going back in time! Recently, carpets have made a surprising comeback as first choice among homeowners for flooring. It seems that carpets are once again on the top and have become a must-have fashionable addition in the home. Every home improvement or decoration effort starts from the floor up to the ceiling. So, picking the right colour, type and style for your home carpet will make or break your renovation effort.

Before you head to the nearest carpet centre to buy a carpet for your living room, consider a few things first. Get to know what each carpet type has to offer and at what price. Nobody wants to end with something that will be hard to maintain or doesn’t appeal to them. Don’t go for the latest fashion trend, but choose a carpet the you can live with.

Berber, Velvet, Shag and Cut – Carpet Types

There are different types of carpets piles. The four major are the Berber, Velvet, Shag and Cut types. Different types are priced differently and have diverse functions. If you are after an easy to maintain and clean carpet, then the Berber is your type. On the other hand, if you like something lavish and luxurious, go for the shag type. Don’t be put off by the price. Many stores can offer you fantastic discounts on just any type these days.

Berber Carpet Pile

It’s the perfect choice for high traffic areas in your home. The loop pile, as is also known, is stain resistant and durable. Compared to other types, it’s much denser and wider. It can also vary in size of the yarn. You can combine different cut and loop heights to achieve various effects on your carpeting.

Shag Carpet Pile

The shag pile is made up with twisted yarn and is mottled. It has longer tufts than the cut pile which make it soft and bouncy to the touch. Turning the tide, this type was highly popular in the Seventies and is coming back again.

Cut Carpet Pile

This is probably the most popular type of all. Its make resembles that of the shag type but lacks its length of the pile and luxury. Cut pile carpets come in a great variety of colours and patterns. What’s more it is the most economical option for a carpet.

Whatever type of carpet you choose, remember that you constantly have to take proper care for it. Regular vacuum cleaning will keep dust and dirt accumulation to a minimum, while prompt action will save you from permanent staining. Occasionally, it is a good idea to hire a reputable and professional carpet cleaning company which can guarantee 100% satisfaction for their services.