end of tenancy cleaning services LondonIf you live on rent and if you love pets, you probably know how hard it is to persuade a landlord to allow you to raise a cat or a dog in your rented property. It is a real challenge, because most of these people don’t want animals in their places. I absolutely understand them, because domestic animals, especially cats and dogs, cause a lot of problems.

Having a pet at home requires a lot of cares, not only for the animal, but for the property, too. To raise a cat or a dog in a house/flat that you’ve rented means to take even more cares of the place, but most tenants simply skip this detail. That is why landlords usually don’t let their renters raise pets.

If you put yourself in your host’s shoes, you will probably not let your inhabitant have a pet in your property, too. Just imagine the following situation: your occupant’s tenancy period has finished and he has moved out without cleaning anything in your place. He had a big dog and the whole carpet and sofa are covered with dog hair and urine stains. Moreover, the whole place smells like a dog toilet. What would you do and how would you feel? I bet that you won’t return his rental deposit, and will never allow anyone else to have a pet in your property. It is a lot of work to clean everything on your own, and end of tenancy cleaning services in London cost money. A rental deposit should cover the expenses for such services, but still it takes a lot of time and nerves to get in touch with a cleaner.

So, if you live on rent, think well before you ask your landlord if you can take a dog or a cat in your lodging. If he refuses remember the example I gave you above and don’t get mad at him. You wouldn’t want to pay for move out cleaning services, either, if you were him.

Do you understand why landlords don’t like pets, now? If you still haven’t gotten the idea, read through the article again.