tenancy cleaners LondonVery few people clean with natural products in the end of their lease periods. Most renters prefer to use store detergents as they are said to clean better, but this is just a myth. Home-made cleaning solutions clean just as well as commercial cleaners.

Here are two recipes for all-purpose cleaning solutions, which you can use in the end of your tenancy. They were shared with me by a move out cleaning London expert.

  • The first one is made of three ingredients. Baking soda, water and white vinegar. Mix one tablespoon bicarb, one cup vinegar, and one cup water. This solution can be used for fridge cleaning; stove-top cleaning; to clean the bathroom, toilet, bathtub, kitchen counter-tops, and a lot more. It is very effective, as it removes all kinds of dirt and stains.
  • The second all-purpose cleaner contains more ingredients. It is made of one tablespoon borax, one tablespoon white vinegar, two cups boiling water, ten drops eucalyptus essential oil, and one teaspoon liquid castile soap. Tenancy cleaners from London recommend that you dissolve the borax in the water, first, and then to add the rest of the ingredients. Mix them well, and pour the solution in a spray bottle, so to apply it more easily. You can use it to clean laminated, plastic and glass surfaces. It removes dirt and stains with a single wipe. When you are cleaning with this solution, always wipe with a damp cloth in the end.

Easy-to-prepare cleaners, aren’t they? You can find recipes for more like them on the Internet, if you’re interested in natural cleaning. There are plenty of blogs with useful information on the topic.