The last few months are full of events, rebels and movements organized in the most social networks like facebook, twitter, g+ and others. Riot Wombles are Londoners who organized the movement. It grows pretty fast for now and there are over 73, 000 followers all over the island.

The main goal is to clean the mess after rioters, and especially to make people think before do something stupid. Burned cars, broken windows and many other damages are caused by the vandals. Experts are counting the damages and there is a forecast that they will be more than ten million pounds. Riot Wombles are ready to help with the cleaning. They also created a website called The good thing is that many celebrities are offering their help for cleaning the mess caused by rioters. One group of people have gathered in a far more positive and defiant fashion to help restore some sense of normality. All they want is to see their streets fantastic clean as they used to be. The brave citizens who decided to join the cleaning process, were gifted by StarBucks with coffee and food. But this is not the main motivation for people to clean their city. The main reason for all the latest events in UK is the shooting death of Mark Duggan and protests after it. This appears to be the turning point in the low-income district of North London, called Tottenham. The position of the prime minister, is that they actually don`t have anything to protest for. He promised to find a professional cleaning service. But maybe this is too expensive way to deal with the problem, because riots are continuing to spread all over the country. People in England are too minded about the things, happened few days ago. One of the opinions is that it has to be done and this is the way to express their feelings, others think that this is totally unnecessary and there is a much better way to show what you feel. Doing things like these are not helping to improve society. In my opinion Riot Wombles are doing just fine, but they will need more help not only from the people, but also serious help from the government.