chelsea cleaners cleaning tip - riceCleaning is hard job as it is and without the proper cleaning tools and products is even harder. But in some rare cases there are neither products nor tools available for certain cleaning jobs, and this means that you have to improvise if you want to achieve good results. And there are common household products you’ve never suspect that can achieve this results.

Rice – rice has several cleaning applications that you can use. For example, you know how hard and difficult is to clean your coffee grinder and remove the odour of stale coffee from the grinder. But with a small amount of rice you can remove both things. Just mill a handful of rice in the grinder. The small particles will absorb any unpleasant odours and clean out any residual grounds and oil. After you are done just empty the grinder and wipe it clean with a cloth.

Toothpaste – toothpaste is another product that has several cleaning applications according to cleaning experts, besides the one it was create for. You can fixed damaged CDs using toothpaste. Just apply a small dot of toothpaste and rub it in a straight line from the centre outwards thus covering any scratches. After that rinse the toothpaste off with water. One more thing use non-gel toothpaste.

Fork – take one out and used to remove the carpet dents caused by heavy furniture. Just fluff the carpet fibres by gently pulling them and thus restoring them to their original height.

Ice – You can achieve similar results but instead of a fork, place an ice cube on the dent and leave it to melt. Carpet cleaning Chelsea experts say that this will definitely do the trick.

Baby oil – you don’t have to buy a chrome polisher no more (if you ever did to begin with). Just apply a dab of baby oil on a cleaning cloth and wipe and bathroom faucets or other chrome items. You will be surprised how shiny they will get.