One of the most amusing sights in the world is a myopic person hunting for their glasses.


After you have cleared all your junk from table tops, every item will be much easier to spot. If you want to go that extra mile and make it really easy for you, you must locate your glasses in a place of their own and remember it.


Do the same with your keys, wallet, slippers and any other items you find yourself repetitively searching for.


Here are some other tips to make your life simpler:

  • Store similar things together
  • Keep stuff near where you are going to use it (for example – store your vases near to where you arrange flowers)
  • Put the items you use most often in the easiest to get to places
  • Make it easy for things to be put where they belong and your home won’t get disorganised or cluttered
  • Label boxes so you know what is in them
  • Arrange the clothes in your wardrobe according to their colour (they look more appealing this way too)

And at last – Don’t agonize. Organize.