When there is a spill on your beautiful polished hard floor, how do you proceed? You probably wonder whether you need to take the risk and handle it yourself, or you should call professionals. Yes, it is important to be able to make the best possible decision and to find the best solution for the purpose. These are the spills, you can easily deal with.

If you have pets at home, then you happened to find pet urine on your shiny hardwood floor. I know how does it feel but you need to calm down because everything is going to be just fine, if you follow these tips. Some of the best floor cleaning professionals shared with us that you need to take a damp cloth and scouring powder and rub. In case you act fast, it will be enough. Otherwise, you will need something stronger such as a solution made of water and bleach.

It happens a lot to spill something oily on the floor and in this situation you also have to act fast. This can make the floor cleaning very hard but don’t panic. Hurry up and soak the liquid, then place a dampened with cleaning detergent cloth on the spot for several minutes. Wipe out in the end and tell the spill good bye.

One of the scariest nightmares of every housewife is to see a spill of tar. Place a bag of ice on the spot to harden it and scrape it off using a small spatula. Don’t use knife or anything sharp as you may damage the flooring.