wardrobe cleaningFinally! I found a little time to write in my blog, after the busiest month of my life passed by. I went for a spring cleaning of my wardrobe, which was very tough .. Let me tell you how it was, so that you can learn from my mistakes and do it better!

I am against clutter, but let me confess something. As I went through my closet, the shocking truth hit me – I’ve became a hoarder! I found many items, which I do not use, nor plan to use in the future, but also refuse to throw out for some reason. Read the list below and see if you have the same problems.

1.Clothes from my childhood
Not that I’m old yet, but I felt this way after seeing clothing pieces from the age of 14…Other than to prove my impeccable taste, I don’t have any more reasons to hold on to them. However, there is something mystical about some garments, that makes us keep them.

kid's dress

2.THE shoes
As women we own a lot of shoes. I am not telling how many pairs I have (because my boyfriend reads my blog), but I must specify, I don’t mean shoes in general. We all have one pair, we like the most, no matter if it’s the most beautiful or comfy one. In my case, I am talking about THE shoes, that saw me trough hell and high water and definitely have the marks to prove it. Believe me, I’ve tried everything to fix them so I can be able to wear them again. Stitching, superglue, duct tape .. and everything else imaginable. It took me a graceless fall in a puddle to realize they’re done for me. Still, it was hard.


That is it for today. Tomorrow I’ll share with you the rest of my hard-to-let-go ditches.