The cleaning of your home is never an easy task. Many people make mistakes and the chores to do become seemingly endless. The blogs in the web are full with hints about cleaning ovens, windows, fridges, carpets etc. However, all the things you clean in your home will finally release their dirt on the floor. Hopefully, you understand that the floor should be always the last to be cleaned. Here are some tips about it.

Floor cleaning is not so easy if you ignore some universal basics. You should know these basics well if you’ve been a tenant. The professional end of tenancy cleaners use the same methods.

To prevent the spreading of dust, soil, hair and all other types of grime, you must set clear rules about shoes. No matter who you live with, the shoes used for walking outside should not be used for spins inside. Use mats to remind people how important is to remove their dirt and soil. No matter what you see in the films, walking with shoes in home is inappropriate. The so-called welcoming mats should be placed in front of the entry door, the balcony door and the bathroom door.

So, here is one more rule – the rule of slippers. Use slippers and give tips to everyone in home to use them. This will prevent the spreading of dust. And one more thing – when the floor is cleaned, don’t let any one step in the already cleaned area. Speaking about cleaning the floor, the best cleaners are always the home-made ones. Use a mixture of white vinegar and water and soak the mop in there.

When the floor is too much for you, you can always call the end of tenancy cleaners in Finsbury Park.