cleaning LondonTie is my favourite accessory. Although most people consider that ties are designed for men and men are the only people who can wear them, as a girl who loves ties, I would say that tie is a perfect addition to clothing both for men and women. So if you’re keen on tie as I am, you may need some tips how to clean a tie damaged by ink, coffee, juice, ketchup, etc. Don’t panic if you stain your tie, you can clean it, but you need to be very careful, because inappropriate cleaning method can damage your tie fabric. Here I’m as a cleaning London tie expert(almost) I’ll advise you how to deal with tie stains.

  1. If unfortunately, you spill something on your tie, act fast and blot the stain with a handkerchief. In case, you don’t have any handkerchiefs, run to the resting room and use some toilet paper. It’s extremely important to remember that you shouldn’t rub the stain, just blot it. Otherwise, you’ll enlarge the affected area.
  2. Get a moistened washcloth to rub the stain gently. If you succeed to remove the stain, dry it using a hair-drier to get rid of any moisture which can damage the fabric. The hands-drier in the resting room will do great job. Make sure that you don’t hold the tie too close to the drier, because the heat can damage the fabric.
  3. You can clean a tie by your hands if it’s necessary. Ties shouldn’t be placed into a washing machine. To clean your tie, soak it in water and slightly rub the affected area with your hands. In case, the stain is stubborn, you can add a little mild cleaning detergent. Remember you must test the cleaning agent on a spot at the back of your tie to ensure that it won’t damage your tie fabric.
  4. For deep cleaning your tie, you can send it to dry-cleaner. Professional cleaners know how to remove all kinds of stains without damaging your tie.

Now, you know how to clean your ties, but it’s more important to be careful not to stain them.