cleaners LondonAdidas bags are amazing, they are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Whether you wear sports clothing or a stylish jacket, an Adidas bag matches perfectly. I have a bag of the Adidas Vespa collection and it’s amazing, those of you who admire Vespa motors know what I’m talking about. The only disadvantage of my lovely bag is that it’s white and every single spot and stain are clearly visible. Therefore, I had to be always armed with a package of wet wipes.

Unfortunately, there are stains that wet wipes can’t deal with so I looked for another way to keep my Adidas bag fantastic clean, here is what I found:

Baby wet wipes, which were my favourite cleaning tool, are the worst thing you can use to clean a leather bag. Baby wet wipes are strong alkaline cleaners and can destroy the finish of your lovely bag. So next time think twice before reaching for wet wipes to clean your leather bag.

If you think that leather wipes are a great substitute to baby wipes, you’re wrong. Most leather wipes contain chemicals which can destroy the finish of your Adidas bag.

The most efficient way to clean your Adidas leather bag is to use a good leather protector which is water based. It’ll prevent dirt and stains from accumulating and will make cleaning easier.

To keep your Adidas leather bag clean and sparkling, you need to take care of it properly and on a regular basis. Once you’ve cleaned the surface of your bag, cleaners London recommend that you apply a protector in order to prevent the absorption of body oils into the leather.

Maintaining your Adidas leather bag regularly will prolong its life and you’ll be able to wear it and amazing longer.