House cleaningHave you ever asked yourself the question: Which makes my home interior to look good? Well, on my opinion this is a complex thing, depending on different elements. However, one of the most essential parts of every domestic interior is the flooring. There are various types of flooring surfaces, each of them creating different home atmosphere. Moreover, if your floors are not maintained well, this will affect the appearance of your entire interior.

Many people think that cleaning their floors, once in a while, is enough to create a fresh atmosphere. However, this house cleaning assignment requires more attention and cares, especially if you want to achieve optimal results. For the job, you need to gather some information about the best cleaning methods and techniques that are appropriate for your type of flooring. For instance, if you have linoleum floors, here, you can find information how to maintain this type of surfaces, easily and effectively.

1. For your every day cleaning use some non-acidic mild detergent and a mop. If you spill something on your linoleum flooring, clean the affected area immediately, if you don’t do this you can damage the surface.

2. If you want to freshen your linoleum floors, because they lost their shine and bright colour, re-wax them. However, you have to ask a professional to give you an advice how to reapply the wax layer.

3. Another interesting cleaning advice, given by cleaners in London is to use a fine nylon pad to remove stains from your linoleum floors. You can buy such nylon pad from some supermarket or grocery store.