Wet places are perfect precondition of mildew growth. Most methods, meant for mildew removal, involve using of bleach, but rinsing or washing wool with bleach can damage and yellow the fibers. Utilizing professional services, such as carpet cleaning Acton, may not be your preferred choice, although in many cases, it is the best solution for removing mildew from a carpet. Fortunately, there are other bleach-free ways to eliminate mildew without relying on professional carpet cleaning company.
The things you will need are broom, vacuum cleaner, rubbing alcohol, carpet shampooer, cloth, and here are the instructions:

  1. Bring the rug outdoors, and gently sweep away any loose mould spores by passing the broom only over mildewed areas. Be careful not to spread the spores on clean sections of the rug when brooming.
  2. Vacuum the mildewed areas and those surrounding the mildew immediately. Dispose the used vacuum bag to avoid spreading more mildew spores. If your vacuum cleaner is with canister, clean it outside after vacuuming.
  3. Combine 1 cup of water with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Dip a cloth into the solution as watching not to soak it but just to dampen the cloth. Scrub the mildew gently, dampening the cloth with the alcohol solution as needed.
  4. If the mildew is not removed after cleaning the wool rug with alcohol, use a carpet shampooer to wash the rug. You can rent a carpet shampooer from a local cleaning company if you don’t own one, or call Acton cleaners to do it instead of you.
  5. Hang the rug up outdoors to dry if the weather permits, or use a space heater to dry the rug indoors.