Latest researches are showing that according to the statistic vinegar is one of the most powerful natural; cleaners together with lemon and baking soda. While lemon and baking sod are not applicable for cleaning of all the surfaces and materials vinegar is, which is making him most preferred green choice. No matter how stubborn is the stain vinegar mixed with water can remove it for less than 10 minutes. As an example we can give the mineral build up around all the water taps in the kitchen or in the bathroom which could be easily removed if you just wrap them up with rag poured with vinegar. Few of the Wimbledon cleaning agencies are providing as other tips window cleaning with vinegar. Just mix it with water put it in some spray and you are done to clean your windows. Of course don’t forget that you will need also rag or paper for the final touch. In addition vinegar may help you to fight the grease on the dishes and grease stains spread in your home. What you should do is just to add few drops to your cleaning soap water and in relation to the stains you can pour it directly on the stain and after that just rinse with water. In addition to all the tricky things you can also make a scrub for your oven with mixing baking soda and vinegar. The only problem about the vinegar is related with the acid in it and more of specialized Wimbledon cleaners are warning that vinegar may ruin the marble and some wooden surfaces.