Every time you expect guests things looks the same – the little imperfections seem just like out of nowhere and then you have to spend the last 15 minutes before the visit dealing with spider webs, dusty shades and water ring marks.

In the sequence of the first part, you will be given some advices from the best London cleaners.

Pet hair and lint

Put on a clean pair of rubber gloves and dampen with a little water. Using both hands at once, work over the couch and chairs. Two benefits: the lint rolls into an easily disposed ball of fur and you get a good aerobic workout. Works like a charm for clothing too. Use this pair of gloves solely for lint removal. Otherwise, the grease and dirt on the gloves transfers to the couch or clothing.

Cover your couch and chairs with bath towels for protection especially if you have pets or small children. A towel fits in the washing machine much easier than a couch.


A chandelier at the top of a two-story entry can be really annoying. You have two choices: 1. Ignore it. 2. Drag out the ladder and go to work. Here’s an easy way: Find a lightweight cotton sock – not one from your last fishing trip – place it over a thin feather duster and attach to an extension handle. Spray the sock with window cleaner and it does a fairly good job. A stepladder is necessary though, for a thorough cleaning.

To clean the glass baubles, place a terry towel in the bottom of a sink, partially fill with water adding some automatic dish washing detergent and rubbing alcohol. Remove the baubles from the chandelier, let them soak and dry.

Sprays are available that clean without removing the baubles if used often. Protect your furniture and carpet by laying down plastic, then newspaper. You can mix your own spray by partly filling a 32 oz spray bottle with water, add one tablespoon of automatic dish washing detergent, ¼ cup rubbing alcohol and 1/3 cup vinegar. Finish filling the bottle with water. This is a wonderful window cleaner too.

London cleaning companies are always ready to do all possible cleaning tasks.