Furniture is quite an expensive part of every home remodeling task. It brings welcoming and comfortable atmosphere when chosen with taste and style. It speaks well for the home owners. Furthermore it can be viewed as an expression of one’s identity. Furniture boast many differing differing designs, excellent durability, and material options. Contemporary homes have various types of furnishings – wooden furniture, leather or fabrics upholstered sofas, antique chairs and tables.

Clean furniture speaks well for the home owner and creates great first impression. Having in mind the consequences of spotless upholstery and clean furniture it is advantageous to keep it in the best condition possible. However, professional upholstery cleaning in London is pretty expensive. There are many upholstery cleaners in London are ready to clean instead of you, but at what price?

If you want to save money on furniture cleaning here are some useful tips:

  1. Leather furniture- it is quite expensive and considered as the ultimate luxury. If you want to protect your investment regular maintenance is of the utmost importance. Professional leather furniture cleaners recommend to keep it away from direct sunlight or any heat sources such as fire places, heat vents or radiators. You can use mildly soapy water to clean it but be advised to check what type of leather furniture you own as not all types allow for this cleaning method.
  1. Fabrics furniture- not that expensive as leather furniture, but also not so resilient and durable. It requires much more care and efforts. Professional upholstery cleaners in London advise for a regular maintenance schedule. A weekly vacuum and on the spot treatment of any spillage will save you lots of problems afterwards. You should be careful though and check your furniture cleaning codes before attempting anything.
  1. Antique furniture- highly popular nowadays it requires attention. For an example antique chair cleaning demands care for both the upholstery and the wooden parts. Expert furniture cleaners recommend to check regularly humidity levels as excessive humidity can make wood expand and contract, thus deforming it. Be extra careful about insect infestations and mold. You can polish the wooden parts with wax thus sealing it off. Regular dusting with lightly damp cloth can do miracles for their longevity and shape. In case of spillages it is better to call professional chair and settee cleaners.

You can do a lot to protect your furniture and extend its life. A regular and strictly performed schedule can boost the good looks of your home. Moreover, it will save you time and money. But in extreme cases it is better to call professional cleaning company.