When the holidays are over, we are left with a lot of nice memories and rubbish to deal with. So, instead of putting everything in a bag and then in the trash bin, you can recycle. But do you know which things can be recycled and which can be reused?

Let’s make a short list of the items that you can recycle when Christmas is over. The first one is the wrapping paper from the presents you have received. It can be either put in the special containers for paper in order to be picked up by the rubbish removals and then recycled. Or you can keep it together with the ribbons and the tags for the next year. Well, you won’t be able to use the tags for the next year’s presents, but you can use it for something else. For example, you can do your grocery shopping list on its clean side.

Next thing on the list with the items to recycle are the boxes from the presents and the gadgets you bought for yourself. You can use the boxes for birthday presents or you can paint them in different colours and use them in your household for different purposes. For example, is there a basket where your kids to put their toys every day?

Last but not less important item on our list is the Christmas tree. And it is not hard to handle it at all. You just need to check the dates scheduled by the junk removals and to leave your tree in front of the house so they will pick it up.