Have you worked as a maid before? Well usually a lot of young women apply as maids as a fist job. There is absolutely no shame in that since it is an honourable job with a decent payment not to mention that it doesn’t have to be in a hotel where they pay less you can look after a household where they pay better and usually the work is less.

However before starting work at such a place people need referral or recommendation in which their skills are acknowledged. It is like a reputation, you wouldn’t hire professional cleaners¬†if you knew they have a bad reputation would you? But usually what house maids learn when they work in a hotel is how to clean a room properly.

Everybody knows that the keys in a successful hotel is good food, good cleaning staff and good entertainment. Well by good cleaning staff I meant that they have to be good as professional cleaners Poplar. In fact a lot of maids wind working for the professional cleaners since they know how to handle the job. The most important thing to know how to do is cleaning a room. Cleaning a hotel room usually is not so hard as longest you know where to begin. Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Start by removing all the trash everywhere.
  2. Then gather all the used towels and put them away,
  3. Vacuum all the floors and mob the bathroom.
  4. Finish cleaning the bathroom spend additional time on the toilet and the sink and replace the towels and the cleaning utensils.
  5. Remove all the sheets and replace them in new ones. Usually the professional maids make figures with the towels and sheets.
  6. Clean all devices and windows.
  7. Replace thrash bags.
  8. In the end spray the room with air freshener.