Romantic Outdoor IdeasDown bellow are listed some tips which can aid you welcome the summer into your homes.

• Indoor décor:

Begin by removing your wool rug. Once the rug is removed place a lightweight carpet or sisal rug. Another option is to leave the floor bare naked but make sure to clean it meticulously. If you don’t have the necessary tools for such a cleaning you can hire cleaning services Wimbledon Park based.

Change the places of your hanged pictures and artwork. Even though you will be moving the bedroom decorative items into the living room and the living room items into the bedroom. This swap will completely change the atmospheres of the rooms.

Store the heavy winter beddings and place some light and airy bed linens.

Let the summer in by removing the heavy drapes from the windows and placing some bright colored curtains. Another option is to leave your window bare naked.

Replace the wool cushions of your sofa and bed with lightweight linen ones.

Change the kitchen and bathroom towels with newer and brighter ones. Also place some lemon or spring scented soaps.

Arrange a bowl of fruits on the dining table and in the entry place some sea elements such as shells, pearls and starfishes in a small dish.

• Outdoor furniture

Place an elegant outdoor dining table on the patio. Coat the table with marine varnish or epoxy to protect it from the various weather conditions.

If you garden cushions are old replace them with newer ones.

Revive your metal furnishing by applying some rush paint. This will give a more vintage ambience to your garden.

Gently scrub and dirt build-ups from the rattan furniture. If you cannot clean the rattan chairs hire cleaning services Wimbledon Park based. Many Wimbledon Park cleaning firms have the necessary experience and tools to clean rattan chairs meticulously.

Place a couple of umbrellas and clean the BBQ.