Cleaner LondonBleach is probably the most popular cleaning product among households in big cities like London, because it is effective and cleans fast. There are different types of bleach, as one of the most used ones is the chlorine-based one. It is also the most dangerous type.

Most people prefer to clean with bleach because it works on all types of stains and removes them fast. Plus, it is a great disinfectant. The thing is, though, that this detergent can be quite harmful for the human health and might cause different health issues. That is why certain measures should be taken when using the product. Here are a few tips from a cleaner London on cleaning with bleach:

  • First of all, always wear a mask on your face when you are using the product. Do not breathe the fumes coming out of the bottle, as they are smothering and might harden your breathing, especially if you suffer from a respiratory problem.
  • Always wear gloves when cleaning with bleach. The chlorine-based liquid might cause you skin irritations and allergies.
  • Never mix bleach and vinegar! They are both great disinfectants and both clean very well, but only when used separately. When you mix them, they start emitting a poisonous gas, used as a weapon in World War II.
  • If you have kids, always store the bottle of bleach somewhere where they can’t reach it. Cleaner London even recommends you to keep all of your detergents on such a place. Small children have the habit to drink from every bottle they can reach, so be careful.