cleaner LondonWith the Christmas holidays knocking on our doors, we must make some preparations. And this doesn’t mean that we only have to cook the holiday dinner, but we must clean our houses, too.

Here are a few Christmas cleaning tips from Cleaner London:

  • When you start cleaning don’t use harsh chemicals. Your guests and you probably won’t feel good if the whole house smells of chlorine when celebrating. Use natural products, instead.
  • Do not deodorise your house with aerosols, most of them have quite smothering aromas. Use lemons instead. Open the windows for a few minutes to let some of the winter spirit in your house. When you close them, put a half lemon in every room, it will absorb all bad odours and will leave a fresh citrus aroma behind.
  • When dusting the furniture, do it before you ventilate, and do it from the top down. Part of the dirt particles you wipe fall on the top of lower surfaces.
  • If you have the time, and if you are not afraid of the cold, clean your windows a little bit – the Christmas lights will look better on clean windows.
  • Clean the kitchen appliances before you start cooking – you won’t like it if your Christmas turkey tastes like old baked-on grease.
  • If you have any carpet stains, clean them. Otherwise, your guests might not feel comfortable.
  • If you have a fluffy pet, remove the hair from the carpet and other upholstery.

And if you think that you won’t be able to accomplish all tasks before the holiday, do not deal with cleaning, but call a professional cleaner London and let him deal with it.

Happy Holidays!