Water has a wide usage, especially in cleaning processes. We all know that most of the stains and other shapes of dirt can be removed by the solvent- water. If we are talking about end of tenancy cleaning, you would need to be helped by using alkalis, acids, detergents and bleaches to get a perfect result in cleaning. But even using these chemical products, you need water, so that they don’t harm the furniture and carpets at your house. Otherwise many professional opinions declare the fact that, it is not recommended the usage of water for cleaning items, which could easily get harmed. For instance soaking wood in water might make it to warp, turn into white colour or even become soft. Padding material, once gets wet, it would become soaked or even some mildew appears on it. It is almost the same with the paper items. If during the process of end of tenancy cleaning, you are working near to electric wires, you should be alert to avoid electrocution.

Organic solvents like denatured alcohol, petroleum distillates, naphtha, kerosene and dry cleaning fluid, are suitable when cleaning greasy stains and those, which can not be moved by water only. They are perfect for oil-based paint, waxes and wood finishes. Plus they are showing up in the list of the most house cleaners. But of course they are not so save and harmless like the water, so if using such chemicals, keep them far from the access of children, so you don’t take a risk to having them poisoned.

After all water is the commodity in end of tenancy clean activity, if used as intended. Most cleaning companies use biological cleaning products, and others use heavy chemicals, but the main solvent is water. And if you are not sure that you can do your end of tenancy cleaning, just hire a professional cleaning agency to do this for you, so that you don’t take a risk to harm the furniture and pay for this.