Christmas countdownSince I can remember, Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. To be honest, I like every little thing about it. Most of you would think “Yeah, right, who doesn’t love to get presents..?!?” But it isn’t just about that. I adore it all – the spirit, the smell, the decoration, the joyful mood, the preparation, the family gatherings. I like to believe every single person improves a bit during this time of the year.

Not to get you bored with my life story or anything, but I have a particular reason to be so keen on Christmas. It’s mainly because I’ve travelled a lot during my childhood, changed homes, schools, friends, and everything else, that can make a kid feel steady and secure. Christmas was the only time when I was with my whole family (no matter where exactly), having a nice dinner, laughing and discussing life and stuff. So now you know, it isn’t about the presents at all.

Even if this isn’t your favourite holiday, imagine yourself in 5, 10 or 15 years, when you will be the one who has to create festive atmosphere for your family. Wouldn’t be nice to know how to do it? It is the truth, children enjoy Christmas the most. But aren’t we supposed to act like kids at least once in a while? I think this is the perfect occasion for us to do it.

So, once in a holiday mood, I’ve decided to make a Christmas countdown and inform you on the things you need to do before the holy night, in order to make it the perfect experience. I hope you will find it all useful and easy to apply. The only question is: “Are you ready for the Christmas countdown?”.