Like everything else, cleaning also has its secrets. If you consider yourself a good housekeeper, you probably think you know everything there is to know on maintaining a spotless home. Not to doubt your knowledges, but I dare you to check this out and see if there is anything new and useful you can benefit from. Read this article and find out some cleaning secrets.

There is always a quicker and better way to do something, and cleaning isn’t an exception of this rule. Being aware of some general facts will help you reduce the time you usually spend cleaning your house, as well as some expenses.

The first secret, we will reveal, regards preforming a fantastic oven cleaning. We assume you usually do that with a commercial cleaning product for ovens. Here is the secret – a pumice stone will clean the kitchen appliance faster and better than any other product. All you have to do, is wet it and scrub the inside of your oven.

No need to spend money on oven cleaners, better do it with something that you already have at home. Another benefit of this cleaning secret, regards your health. Commercial cleaners contain chemicals, especially those designed for ovens, because they are designed to be able to cut trough grease. Guess what, a wet pumice stone works even better. It’s a green secret, worth sharing, because sharing is caring. No matter what you care about the most – your health, thinking green or saving money.

Another cleaning secret worth knowing, will reveal the easiest microwave cleaning. It is done almost without moving a finger. This will be lazy people’s favourite tip of all. If you use this kitchen appliance every day, cleaning it often is in order. Instead spending time to scrub away the greasy splashes on the inside, you can make a totally different approach and spare yourself some time and efforts.

In order to do that, place a cup of water with some baking soda in, turn the microwave on, until the water boils. After that, all grease stains and dirt build ups can be wiped away with a single move. One other advantage of this cleaning method is the fact, it will also eliminate bad odours.

Those were our cleaning secrets for today. Don’t worry there will be more to come in the future.