Living in a rented unit makes the cleaning really important. Not that if you were the owner wouldn’t be, but in this case there are money involved-your deposit. In order to manage nice clean apartment you have to put constant care of the cleanliness level. Of course if you don’t want to do all that work, you could easily delegate it to someone else, someone who’s professional. End of tenancy cleaning London prices are something, that could fit the average person’s pocket. Now there are really a lot of things, that you can do throughout the period of your residence and thus to keep the apartment in good condition. The curtains are one of the things, that you could clean easy without much effort. By doing so at the end of the lease contract you or whoever is going to do the major end of tenancy clean-up, will have one task less.

In order not to let your curtains to turn into a wall of dust here are few tips, that you could follow.

Start from the the top and work your way down to the bottom. A lot of dust accumulates in the folds and the hems. So pay extra attention to them. Stains could be removed with the help of a damp cloth and gentle rubbing. If that doesn’t, you should think about dry cleaning services.

With the help of the vacuum cleaner, clean up all parts of the curtain. If you have enough time you could remove it from the rail, take it some place outside and shake it very well.

These are some basics, that could save you time and headaches at the end of the lease period. At the end of tenancy clean and tidy place will give you better chances to receive all the money, that you have given at your first day in.