Without any doubt that is a question of great importance to every home owner. It is rightfully so and besides a very wise and timely one. Consider this: your carpets are substantial investment in your home. Thus you increase your property value and add comfort and warmth to your interior. Carpets contribute to the ambiance of your residence. Your home is cozier and more welcoming when your carpeting is in great shape.

Having in mind what I have just said, think about what influence direct or indirect carpets have on you and your family. Carpeting covers the flooring in your home. If it is nice and clean you will be pleased while if it is old and dirty probably you would want to get rid of it, which is quite expensive lately. Besides, the expenses it is time-consuming and disrupting to your daily routine. It is reasonable to conclude that to take care and proper maintenance of your carpeting is of the utmost importance to keep it nice and dandy for as long as possible. So how often should it be cleaned?

That begs a definite answer which even the best carpet cleaners in London can not answer with 100% certainty. Once a year, every six months, every 8-12 months. It always depends on the circumstances. As a rule of thumb you are advised to use deep carpet cleaning services once every year. Sometimes that could be unnecessary but in other cases not enough. However, in both cases you might lose lots of money.

To answer this question for yourself, you better consider these three points below:

1. How many people reside in the house? It is vital to have that in mind because the number of residents contributes to the overall foot traffic and the amount of food and liquid spillage. Moreover, kids are prone to make great mess. You have to factor in the presence of pets as well.

2. How often do you clean? Another important issue. If you have strict cleaning schedule performed regularly you reduce the build up of dirt, dust and bacteria in the carpet’s fibers. This way you have to resort to professional steam carpet cleaning services less often.

3. Warranty requirements? Every manufacturer is quite informed about the needs of their products. It is a good idea to read what yours have to say about your carpeting.

These three points can serve as a guide to help you make informed decisions. However, many professional carpet cleaning companies in London and the area provide free quotes. So you might take advantage of their services to get a professional opinion.