carpet cleaningRemoving wet latex paint from a carpet is though, but when it come to cleaning dried latex paint, things get a little more complicated. How do you have to deal with this mess? Well, you have two options, to contact a carpet cleaning company or to try to clean the dried stain yourself. The more you wait, the harder the cleaning becomes, so read the steps below and get down to cleaning if you want to save your beautiful carpet.

  1. To loosen the paint stain, you need use a solvent. I recommend that you utilize mineral spirits, because they effectively loosen both oil based paint and latex.
  2. Before scrubbing the affected area, as every carpet cleaning London company would advise, test the mineral spirits on an invisible area of your carpet to ensure that no bleaching occurs.
  3. Apply a good amount of mineral spirits on the dried latex paint stain and let it set for several minutes. The solvent will break down the dried paint and you’ll be able to wipe it with a white, clean cloth.
  4. One of the best advantages of mineral spirits is that they evaporate quickly, so you don’t need to make any carpet cleaning solution to wash the carpet after removing the latex paint.
  5. Vacuum the carpet. This should be enough to restore the original look of your beautiful carpet.

If mineral spirits can’t remove the dried latex paint from your carpet, it’s highly recommended that you call a carpet cleaning company to come to your home and see if they can deal with the stubborn stain.