In 2009 artist An Te Liu announced that he was planning “green architecture” for the Leona Drive Project. When he was done many where surprised to see an entirely green painted house. An Te Liu painted the whole house in green and created a giant Monopoly house that you place on your property so that you can take rent from the other players.

In fact the houses on Leona Drive where built in the years after the Second World War in a “salt box” style which used the iconic monopoly houses as a template. The only difference was that the houses were not painted in green but in more welcoming colors. However we are sure that many of the inhabitants of the area were feeling as if they were participant in a gigantic game of Monopoly.

The success of the “salt box” houses was immense due to the fact that the houses were economical in both style and cost which made them perfect for the numerous servicemen that came home after the war and wanted to resume their normal everyday lives. Until the year 2000 most of the Monopoly style houses were still standing and people were still living in them. However since the beginning of the new millennia several developers began buying up the houses so that the surrounding area can expend into a bigger neighborhood with newer edifices.

With the Leona Driver Project in 2009 these houses got their final glaze of glory as eighteen houses were assigned to 18 artists and each artist got to create a work of art. It was then that An Te Liu decided to commemorate these houses by transforming one of them into a true and authentic Monopoly house. Although living in a Monopoly house sounds fun, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about the actual maintenance. For a proper maintenance you can hire professional cleaners to do it for you.