fruit-juiceI recently caught the flu and since I am a big fan of green living, I decided to fight it with natural products, instead of medicines. I knew from the start, it will require a lot of tea and vitamin intake, and choose to supply nutrients by drinking fresh squeezed juices and leave the vitamin pills aside. So I took my juice maker out of retirement, only to realise, it is very neglected.

If I have to be honest, I know how to clean almost about everything. Except juice makers. I thought I was aware of this as well, but the minute I saw how the machine looked like, I admitted to myself, I have more to learn.

Even if you aren’t sick or on a diet, fruit juice is one of the most healthy drinks. Especially in the morning, when we need all the energy we can get, to start our day and make it a success. You don’t need to be a fitness maniac, nor a doctor, to know how many wholesome substances there are in a single glass of fresh squeezed juice. Juice makers are awesome, but in order for the beverage to be actually fresh, you must maintain this health boosting machine clean.

Dirt debris have a negative effect on every appliance’s performance. To prevent that from happening, you must know how to clean it properly.

It all starts when you go out shopping for a juice maker. When you’ve decided on one, it is a good idea to learn how it must be cleaned and looked after, before buying it. If the procedure seems to be too complicated, better make up your mind and choose another model, to spare yourselves some troubles later.

In case  you don’t consider  this carefully, your expensive purchase might end up stashed in a  cupboard, with all other appliances, you never use for some reason.

They always say, prompt cleaning makes a world of difference. This rule applies particularly for juicers. A just used squeezing machine is far more easy to clean, than it will be later, if you let  the fruit remnants to dry.

Think carefully, what do you prefer? Spending long time vigorously scrubbing, until your hands hurt? Or part with just few seconds, rinsing with warm water? The answer here must be clear.

If you let the fruit pulp dry, it gets stuck like glue and becomes almost impossible to get rid of. Another reason why you should clean your juice maker, given by expert providers of cleaning services in Balham, is the fact, food residues serve as a perfect place for bacteria to grow and spread, so think again next time, before leaving your juicer dirty.

Now you know why cleaning your juicer is important, also what to look for, when buying one. Now keep your fingers crossed for me, wishing I will get better very soon 🙂