camden cleaning services warn you about caustic sodaIf there is a list that rates what kind of cleaning is the hardest then on top of that list would probably be the oven cleaning. That’s because you have to clean grease and burns and an ordinary cleaning product in this case is useless. There is a reason why there are so many cleaning products on the market and every product has its own application. They are design to achieve the best possible cleaning result.

The same goes for the oven cleaners, too. They are created to deal especially with grease and burns which are the hardest grime to clean off. Cleaning services Camden told me about oven cleaning London. There were two types of oven cleaning products – those who have caustic soda as their ingredients and those who don’t. And according to them there is a big difference between the two types of product.

The products using soda caustic are great. They really get the job done. But it all comes at a price. The caustic soda destroys anything not just the filth and dirt. The product can damage either you or the appliance you are using it on. It can cause skin burns, irritation to the eyes, damage to nostrils and lungs as well as corrosion of metals, removal of paint, rotting of rubber and many more, the list isn’t complete.

The oven cleaning products that don’t contain caustic soda are “kinder” but not as effective. But there is a catch. They are not as effective. If you have to clean your oven using product like this then be prepared to wait. These type of products break down the grease and fat substances instead of burning them off. That is why it may take some time for them to start working and would probably clean the grime after the second or third application.

What kind of cleaning product you would use for the oven cleaning is entirely up to you. Some might prefer the fast option, while others try the more slow, but in the same time environment friendly and safe way. Just one final word on the subject. Cleaners Camden warn that some commercial oven cleaning London companies say that they are using products with “just a bit of caustic”, and that is impossibe so don’t get fooled by them.