Nowadays, oven cleaning has become a really easy task. Especially for those who already invested their money in self-cleaning ovens. Lucky them, right? For those, who don’t have such modern devices, we will provide some useful oven cleaning tips that could help you out.

But first, let’s see how the self-cleaning ovens work. Here, all you have to do is turn the oven’s self-cleaning mode on. Then, you have to leave it so for about 2-6 hours. The inside of the oven will get heated and reach really high temperature. This temperature turns the grease and the spills into ash. Remember, before you turn on the self-cleaning mode you should remove all oven racks and soak them in your sink or dish washing machine. The doors of the oven should stay closed. The time needed for the self-cleaning depends on the oven’s condition.

After the self-cleaning mode is over, let the oven cool down and simply wipe off the ashes from the surface. You have to clean the inside of the oven as well. You could do that easily with a rag or a sponge. Rinse it right after that . Wipe not only the inside of the oven’s door, but also the outside.

In case you have a stove, you should take care of it as well. Again, you should soak the racks in lukewarm water mixed with some cleaning solution. After the the racks are clean and dry, simply put them back to where they belong.

How to clean your oven in case it doesn’t have a self-cleaning mode?

In that case you got some more work to do. First, you need an equipment like gloves and oven cleaning detergents. Once again you have to remove the racks and soak them in water containing cleaning solution.

After that, you have to spray each part of the oven, inside and out, and leave it like that for a couple of hours or overnight. After that, scrub the surfaces, the stove, the door with a rag or sponge, then rinse .

Good advice is to read the manufacturer’s manual or  check in with your local oven cleaners.

And of course, the best you can do is clean your oven every time after using it. This will prevent the oven from wearing out.