cat litter usesNo matter if you are a dog or a cat person, everyone gets amused by little known, rather weird facts.

Today’s topic of discussion regards the world’s most unusual appliance of not other than cat litter. It is very funny, I promise, so let yourself be amazed by those facts. Read this article and find what else you can do with that, other than using it for its original purpose.

Cat litter is used for pet’s hygiene purposes. Have you ever though you can do several other things with it? For example, cat litter works perfect for removing grease stains on outdoor areas, like in front of your garage door or in your driveway. All you have to do, is cover the spot with cat litter. If the stain is fresh, it will be absorbed. For old stains, you must also apply paint thinner. Pour it on the affected area and sprinkle cat litter on top. Leave it stay overnight and sweep in the morning.

Another thing cat litter can help you with, is keeping sleeping bags smelling good. When storing them away for the summer season, put some cat litter in a sock, tie it and leave it in there. You can apply the same trick on tents as well. It’s guaranteed the bad smell will be kept away for good.

Cat litter isn’t only good for keeping bad smells away, it also repel moles. Just pour some in their tunnels and they will be forced to find a new home.

It is a good idea to have a bag of cat litter in the trunk of your car, especially during the winter season. Wonder why? Because it’s great for adding traction on ice. It will help you, in case you get stuck in snow or ice.

Now that you know so many useful things cat litter is good for, fantastic cleaners Tulse Hill remind you not to forget leaving some of it for its original purpose – your cat’s toilet.