teaTea is a wonderful drink, no coincidence, it’s the Queen’s favourite. This rich in antioxidants, natural product is capable of many other things, than just being brewed up into a healthy hot beverage. In case that sounds interesting to you, read below and find out which are our top 3 extraordinary uses for tea.

I am a big fen of all, what’s unconventional. All unusual facts wake my interest. I remember them without even trying, because they tend to stick in my mind.

There are many ordinary things, which have extraordinary uses. Tea is no exception of this rule. As far as I know, it can be used for beauty and garden purposes. Probably the most weird task, we can use tea for, is cleaning. But I will get to that later.

Sunscreen substitute

burned skin
Imagine you went on a walk in the park, but you forgot to take sunscreen with you. The result is red, burned skin. And it hurts. The good news is, you can relief the pain with the help of tea. Just wet a few tea bags and put on the burned areas.

In case your whole body is affected, I recommend taking a “tea bath”. Fill your tub with warm water, throw couple of tea bags in it and enjoy. Have in mind, tea can cure all kinds of minor burns, not only for those, caused by the sun.

Even if not burned, your skin will definitely benefit from this unusual bath. The tea will smooth and moisturise it. After all, it is a well known fact, Queen Cleopatra bathed in milk, which was one of the reasons she was so famous with her beauty. A tea bath will have almost the same effect, but it’s much more inexpensive.

tea bath

This was just one unusual thing, you can do with tea. Stay tuned for the rest of them.

Hair treatment

tea facts


One of the great things to do is heal damaged hair as nutrition is still present in your tea leaves. It’s also great for not only repair but help you grow thicker hair!

A cure for puffy eyes

tea bags

Another beauty tip, which involves the use of tea, will help you deal with tired or swollen eyes. Nobody likes having donuts for eyes, but it’s pretty common, especially after a night out.

In order to be able to go to school or work, looking like yourself again, use tea. Take two bags, soak them in water, close your eyes and put them on for half an hour. The tannin in tea will soothe your eyes and after the time passes, the puffiness will be gone.

The above mentioned solution is much more better, than what we usually do. Showing at work or school with the big black movie-star-like sunglasses won’t hide the real story. Contrary, it will make others think your boyfriend hit you in the face, or you are suffering from a hangover.

Wood cleaner


Except caring for your beauty and health, you can use tea when cleaning wooden furniture and floors. Just boil a couple of tea bags in one litre water. You’ll have to let this homemade cleaning solution to cool down, before starting with the actual cleaning procedure. Take a soft cloth, soak it in and wipe your wooden items. Dry with another clean cloth after. According to professional cleaners tea will condition the wood, making it even greater looking. It’s a great and easy natural cleaning method, no chemicals involved, just tea.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning the top 3 unusual things, you can use tea for. Now you can invite your friends to a tea party and have some interesting facts to share.

tea party